Today’s exhortation

And it came to pass, when Jesus had made an end of COMMANDING His twelve disciples, He departed then to TEACH and to PREACH in their cities (Matthew 11:1)… Every week, especially Sundays, Christians make a mass exodus from our homes to our respective churches. The purpose for us doing so is to FELLOWSHIP with each other, WORSHIP God, and HEAR the Word of God. But after all of this is said and done and the church services are over, there’s yet another thing REQUIRED of us by God; and that’s for us to take the INSTRUCTIONS we RECEIVED from God’s Word outside of the 4-walls of the church building and into the STREETS of the WORLD – our NEIGHBORHOODS, our COMMUNITIES, and our CITIES. If Jesus being our EXAMPLE can EQUIP His disciples with God’s Word to SPREAD it, and then Himself also go out and SPREAD it – we’re WITHOUT EXCUSE ourselves for NOT doing likewise after receiving it. The Word of God was NEVER designed to be HEARD and then KEPT to ourselves! But rather, that we should take it out into the WORLD and INSTRUCT others that haven’t HEARD or RECEIVED it of its REDEEMING ability. The Word of God is INEFFECTIVE, INEFFICIENT, and UNFRUITFUL when HOARDED and BOUND instead of SHARED; which is exactly why Jesus COMMANDS us ALL to not only HEAR it, but to also GO FORTH and SPREAD it to EVERYBODY!!!

Take heed, WATCH and PRAY: for you KNOW NOT when the TIME is. For the Son of man [Jesus] is as a man taking a FAR JOURNEY, who LEFT his House, and gave AUTHORITY to his SERVANTS, and to EVERY MAN his WORK, and COMMANDED the PORTER to WATCH. WATCH therefore: for KNOW NOT when the MASTER of the House comes, at even, or at midnight, or at the cock-crowing, or in the morning: lest COMING SUDDENLY he find you SLEEPING (Mark 13:33-36)… The SAD TRUTH about the Body of Christ, especially in Canada, Cameroon, Thailand, Belgium & USA is that when Jesus RETURNS He WILL find the BULK of us SLEEPING. For there are COUNTLESS so-called Christians who’re merely CHURCHGOERS and CHURCH-ATTENDEES doing NOTHING at all in the Kingdom of God for Christ. There’s COUNTLESS Christians that are doing NO WITNESSING, NO EVANGELIZING, and NO REACHING OUT to the LOST SINNERS of the WORLD in ANY CAPACITY. Yet, they’re ALL walking around MOUTHING the NAME of Jesus and God as though they KNOW Them and are KNOWN of Them. But the SAD TRUTH is that when Jesus RETURNS there will be but a VERY SMALL NUMBER of ELECT serving in the Kingdom of God, while others whom were CALLED are out CHASING after FLESH, MONEY, and MATERIAL THINGS. We must all EXAMINE ourselves as to whether we’re TRULY BEARING FRUIT, or are we just TREES with a bunch of EMPTY BRANCHES? Jesus gave ALL of US the COMMISSION to “GO into ALL the WORLD” with the Gospel message of SALVATION for the LOST. Those that’ll be found NOT DOING SO will be THOSE that will still be TUCKED AWAY COMFORTABLY in CHURCH doing NOTHING for Jesus – bearing NO FRUIT – after He has COME and GONE. Don’t let that be YOU!!!